early anthology

by Petty Theft

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some songs we have put together for your listening pleasure


released January 28, 2019

Recorded and mixed by Marco Aziel

Album art was created by Andrew Harvey


all rights reserved



Petty Theft Ypsilanti, Michigan

grudge pop with emo tendencies

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Track Name: Bedroom Eyes
Let’s play a game
You eat the apple and I’ll break my ribs
I impulsively move closer and you move away
It’s a strange game, the only winning move is not to play

Feeding myself cult fiction
Hanging onto every word and affectation
Tell me do you still hate yourself when you’re with them?

My blood goes from blue to brown given the condition.
I think about this when I am fading from vibrant to complacent.
You are lively conversation, I am a cold call
Oh, lucky you always having to find me on the nights I’ve had too much

But you’d always leave the door unlocked
That was when you still thought of us in terms of us
Now I have begun to bite the dust, and greet the dusk.

I was a stranger, your neighbor, your naked best friend then somehow I became a stranger again.
The pain was never mine, but I felt it every night
Your bedroom eyes have run dry.
Track Name: Holiday Necklace
Everywhere you are you’d prefer me not to be
I hate how you keep your hands close to your chest making it impossible for me to grasp.
What’s on your mind?
I know it couldn’t be me. Because your eyes pass mine without a second beat.

Just fucking touch my hand
Just fucking look at me
C'mon make up your mind

I’d tell you I love you but it’d feel like a slight.
I’d try to get over you but I fear that I might
You’re the rosary or the noose around my neck
Every days a surprise you never know what you’ll get.

Just fucking touch my hand
Just fucking look at me
C'mon make up your mind

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